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CD-ROM  Copy Services CD Duplication Services

We offer high quality CD duplication and replication services at very competitive prices.

We take care of both the duplication ('burning' for small numbers) or replication ('pressing' for larger numbers), packaging, graphical artwork design and printing, international shipment, ...

For DVD duplication and DVD replication: we take care of the whole proces from concept, design to finished duplicated product in a packaging of you choice!


CD-ROM Development Services CD Development and Design

Our development team will be glad to assist you with the design and development of your CD-ROM.

From Powerpoint or PDF presentations to Flash animatid product demonstrations to database-driven CD applications: we have the creative and programming skills necessary to make your project a success.

Once the master CD-ROM has been developed it, we copy it for you by burning or pressing your discs.


Fast, affordable and high quality service

CopyDisc has years of experience in providing affordable and short-run duplication of your CD's, DVD's, ... Contact us now for our best offer!

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